Books of Arpino

Books of Arpino:

When walking round Arpino you will see many interesting and cultural objects. The architecture and history of the town are in abundance. On my first visit to Arpino I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful arched doorways. The front doorways of the houses are themselves works of art. One of the main features are the many different types of door knockers.

On one of my trips to Arpino I was lucky enough to hear about a book release in the piazza by Gianluca La Pietra who was well known in Arpino. He explained the history and origins of how these works of art were on the doors in Arpino to the large crowd that had attended the book launch.

From all over the world, cultural, and social influences has given these simple, but timeless, designs a story that has been preserved in a modern town, so you feel like you are walking around a living exhibit.

Here is a taste of some of the designs to be found in the book.

I highly recommend the book, If you would like a copy please let me know in a message.

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