Duolingo Pro!

Practice, practice, practice… when travelling or living in Italy 🇮🇹 wanting to learn the language will obviously help you and improve your experience. The best way to improve is by practicing for a short amount of time everyday. This is the same approach that works for learning an instruments and most other skills. The next important thing is the teacher and how you are being taught. Fitting in the time is probably the hardest part about learning, combined with having situations to actually use the language. For this reason, I would highly recommend Duolingo and Duolingo pro even more so!

Duolingo Pro!

Duolingo gives you bite size lessons and subjects to complete and it also tracks your progress. There is a free version to try out which can be found on lots of platforms and app stores. I would highly recommend the pro version which once you pay for, motivates you to learn, prompts you to learn and also puts you in leagues to keep the learning fun and competitive.

Another good reason is you can learn from your phone, so as long as you have access you can use it almost anywhere.

The pro version removes all the adverts and pop ups of the free version. It also gives you a much broader range of topics and allows you to progress quicker.

There are lots of topics from food and drink to household items, friends and family. Everything you need to get you on your way to building knowledge of your chosen language. This is also another great feature as you are not limited to one language. If you have an interest in another country or culture you can practice this at the same time with the same app!

Let me know what you think and what other apps you suggest.

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