Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast

Welcome back! Next stop Amalfi Coast!

After flying into Rome and spending a few days around Arpino, it was time to check out Amalfi Coast and Sorrento. First stop Sorrento! After setting off and weaving the car through the narrow local streets, we were on the autostrada and heading South,passing through the tolls and following the signs to Napoli. After a couple of hours, we were off the motorways and carving out way through the towns and tunnels that line the coast.


We headed for the Hotel Central, which was in central Sorrento as it offered better options for parking and allowed us to leave the car and explore the town, before heading on further to Positano the next morning.

Once the coast appeared, we zigged and zagged our way along, catching glimpses of the sea and valleys below, arriving in Sorrento. We followed the stream of cars and passed through the town looking at the busy restaurants and shops, before arriving at our hotel. After checking in and leaving the car in the hotel’s underground car park, we ventured out to look around and explore Sorrento.


In the evening, we headed for the main piazza and found a restaurant called fauno bar that had a great atmosphere and plenty of outside seating. The restaurant was full of people with a vibrant atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place for a summer evening.


Once we had finished, we wandered back to the hotel and rested ready for the next day and our trip to Positano! 


After breakfast at the hotel, we decided to take a taxi to Positano which allowed us to leave the car and enjoy ourselves. We walked through the streets and down the steps,passing the colourful small boutique shops,that line the way down to the beach, selling plenty of souvenirs and limoncello!


Once we made it down to the beach, we decided to take a seat and found a restaurant called La Pagoda, where we were shown to a table with a great sea view. The weather was amazing and the beach was full of people sunbathing and enjoying the Amalfi water. 


After spending a few hours relaxing and having lunch, we explored more of the streets and shops and looked at the art work lining the walkways. In the evening, the whole area is illuminated and everyone starts making their way to the local restaurants to enjoy the great food and wine, also to look out at the sea views and boats that are anchored in the bay. 

As evening arrived, we strolled along the narrow road, looking at the houses and apartments that rise from the sea to the hilltops. 

We called our driver and enjoyed another local bar before meeting at an arranged place. Once in the taxi and driving away from Positano, you turn a corner and it slips out of sight.

Fauno bar Sorrento

If planning a trip to Amalfi, Positano is a must see! April is a great time to visit, before the very busy summer periods. If you can get as close as possible and don’t mind paying for a taxi, I would suggest this as the roads become extremely busy and parking is at a premium once there. 


Next stop Naples!

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