Dining out in Arpino

Dining out in Arpino:

Apart from having a great location, climate and being rich in history, Arpino has amazing food and wine!

Great family restaurants, using local produce and locally produced wine is a perfect way to enjoy the evening with friends and family. 

I’m still exploring the town myself so here I will share my favourite restaurants so far and will also update as I come across others. 

Arpino is a town of hidden gems, down tight winding roads. Within those tight winding roads are unassuming doorways which conceal some of the most intimate dining spaces you will come across. Here you can enjoy some seriously good local pasta dishes and local wine, in good company and still feel a world away from the big wide world. 

One of Arpino’s hidden gems is a restaurant called “Ottavio”
seen here in the picture below.
Behind this humble door is one of my favourite places to eat. 

A large modern space within classic Italian architecture, great layout and plenty of room, perfect for a private chat or a family gathering without imposing on each other. 

Ottavio is listed on Trip advisor and has rightly received great reviews, run by a young couple this restaurant is a must when visiting the town!

Moving on to another of my favourite places to eat, Trattoria.

This is a cosy restaurant where again the food and wine are great. Pasta dishes are of course available but for anyone who is missing a big, hearty meal, the steak and mixed vegetable dishes are must have.

Located just off the main piazza, Trattoria is perfect to relax and ‘people watch’ whilst having a glass or three of the local wine. It’s a cosy space where you can have a quiet chat or a family meal with great service and friendly atmosphere. Overall, I would highly recommend a visit you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Hi Josh 🙂 I am sure you had a lovely dinner there! Now I really fancy some proper Italian food though 🤣 Luckily, my mum is coming over from Italy next week for Christmas and is bringing a lot of stuff with her 😊 Enjoy Italy for me as well 🇮🇹


    1. Thanks Irene 😊 the food it always amazing and the wine 🍷 😮 so good.
      I hope you have a great time with your mother 👍🏻

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