Cicero 101 Meet the man.

As I prepare to return to Arpino for a well earned rest and for the Gonfalone 2019, it’s a great opportunity to introduce you to one of Arpino’s most famous residents; Marcus Tullius Cicero!

Standing proudly in Arpino’s vibrant piazza.

Overlooking the traditional games soon to be taking place Cicero has a legacy which is another great reason to visit Arpino. Born in 106 BC, Cicero was born into a wealthy family and would go on to be one of Romes greatest Orators and successful lawyer he is best know for the impact he made on Roman society through his love and passion for Greek philosophy.

Law and order!

As a lawyer Cicero represented and won many important cases before following his true calling in the political sector and work on ethics, he live at a time when the Roman Republic was in decline and saw the rise of Julius Caesar.

Myself and julius Representing.


During the second catilinarian conspiracy by opposition from outside Rome the failed conspirators were rounded up and executed without trial a crime in itself, this event was to push Cicero into exile where he completed some of his greatest works.

Once called back to Rome by Caesar unbeknown to Cicero some of his inner circle we’re planning an uprising against Caesar. From Cicero’s writing we can see that while he did not appear to be involved in the plot he did support the action where after he appeared in the senate and spoke on behalf of the conspirators asking for their pardon.

Determined to save the republic he joint forces with Octavian, a nephew of Caesar, and was confident things would work out for the best, unfortunately Cicero was disappointed and after more pressure from the external forces moved back to the south of the country.

Cicero found out that he was on a list of people to be found and punished in Rome. On hearing this news Cicero fled with the pursuing soldiers gathering information from people along the way of his whereabouts, eventually Cicero was captured and beheaded.

“Laws that are passed through violence are not true laws and should not be represented as such”

Cicero may be gone but his works have had a massive impact on some of the most influential leaders of the past. Thomas Jefferson used Cicero’s works when drafting the declaration of Independence.

Winston Churchill was also a fan of Cicero and often used his influential works in some of the most testing times he faced.

Recently I visited Blenheim Palace, birth place of Sir Winston Churchill, while in the library I was able to find one of Cicero’s books in the collection.

Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire England.

There you go a quick introduction to one of Arpino’s most famous residents, I believe Cicero’s works are actually becoming more studied and appreciated, he was ahead of his time and will remain one of the greatest world thinkers for generations to discover.

Thanks for reading and lookout for my next posts!

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  1. evin Dunne says:

    Hey Josh, very interesting piece.I had no idea about Cicero.Going to purchase a new book or two on this.Enjoy yourself buddy.Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great, glad you enjoyed it, there are some great book available I shall post them up later today. Thanks again Josh


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